Beige & Wenge

‘Handpicked Decor Collection From Around The Globe’
When Beige and Wenge, a one-year-old company with so much energy and potential, came to us, we were reminded of ourselves. With the premium collection of ideal home, offices & other spaces decor offerings under one digital roof, they are definitely a luxury decor brand that deserves a digital backing.


  • Research & Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Collaterals
De’Ad Agency took up the task to market timeless home accessories of Beige and Wenge. As much as them being the one-stop-shop for luxury decor, we became the turnkey online marketers for them, by assisting in brand positioning, customer acquisition and many more. With those digital endeavours, we have earned the trust of customers and positioned them as a reliable luxury decor brand.


Come, join hands and let’s run your dreams through the magical waves of digital transformation. Our ideas are available for a date with your business
on +91 9177113544 .

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